Meteorological Endeavors

Over the last two years, I have combined my interests of meteorology and computing to produce products beneficial to myself, society, and The Department of Meteorology within Penn State.


The e-Wall Redesign Project at Penn State (Current Project)

Once Hallett Weather was created, I joined a small team of system administrators in an effort to create the next-generation e-Wall. So far, I’ve developed proprietary scripts in GrADS to display data from synoptic scale NWPs. A sample image is below:


Longwave Weather Analytics, LLC

Over the summer of 2015, I was hired as a subcontractor to do some development using GrADS for an emerging company Longwave Weather Analytics, LLC. There, I developed proprietary scripts and methods using GrADS to analyze climatological datasets with global weather models for the CONUS, Europe, and the Northern Hemisphere. I worked with the Global Forecast System, the Canadian Meteorological Centre, and the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasting. I developed routines for the following products. Here are a couple examples:



Two Meter Temperature Anomaly


Two Meter Temperature Run to Run Deltas


500 Millibar Height Anomaly and MSLP


850 Millibar Height Anomaly and MSLP

Hallett Weather

Late December of 2014, I started learning when I wondered what went into the WeatherBell graphics produced by Dr. Ryan Maue. I set up a staging website and developed routines utilizing languages such as Python and The Grid Analysis and Display System to do so. In short, I developed scripts in Python that would automatically retrieve GRIB2 data from NWP models such as the High-Resolution North American Model and the High Resolution Rapid Refresh. This .grib2 data would then be converted by scripts such as and Gribmap. I developed scripts using GrADS to display that data in a customized manner. This website was named HallettWx (short for Hallett Weather), and would serve as a staging website / proof of concept website for my later projects. The graphics below was just me getting my feet wet in GrADS and learning a bit about web-design (with the help of my friend Justin Lowery).


The globe was myself playing around with GFS data using the OpenGL Libraries.


Screenshot of the Homepage | Domains of 4k-NAM I processed covered the Northeastern Continental United States


Screenshot of a Model Display Page | Domains of HRRR processed were: Pennsylvania / New Jersey / Delaware / North-Central California

Eastern PA Weather Authority, LLC

I first got my taste of Linux when I worked as a freelance System Administrator for Eastern PA Weather Authority, LLC. There, I would work with other meteorologists to produce products for the public in terms, and designed a website that would serve that content. In addition, I monetized their website, and allowed them to grow to the next level as a result. I learned basic system administration tasks, and became proficient with WordPress.